Wedding in Rajasthan Plan

The Romantic land Rajasthan is well known for its social customs, traditions and practices reflecting all its royal charm. Wedding in Rajasthan is known for its colourful atmosphere created by a well decorated marriage venue with all regal charm. The groom dressed in traditionally sherwani, and colourful turban with a sword in his hand rides to bride's home on a white horse accompanied with a marriage procession called barat. The bride on the other hand dressed with lehanga, jewellery and decorated palm awaits the groom.
The marriage procession is greeted with garland and the bride's family makes all the arrangements like feasts, entertainment programmes for guests. The rituals of the wedding ceremony starts from Aarti ceremony, after which the groom is taken to a beautifully decorated Mandap where bride and groom take seven circle around a holy fire and exchange garlands. After this the bride starts for groom's house and this is called the Bidai ceremony.
Music and dance is another important part of the wedding ceremony. Traditional folk dance and music are organised by the bride's family to welcome the bride and bararti. Also traditional music instruments like drums are used for this auspicious occasion. Mouthwatering traditional cuisines are specially cooked for a royal wedding dinner.